Our clients are real estate investors

There is a substantial difference between real estate investors and speculators; while many Canadians fancy themselves the former, typically, most are the latter.


Real estate investors are knowledgeable, well-informed, and able to adeptly withstand (and profit from) the periodic cycles that characterize the real estate market by leveraging the power of fundamentals and rational execution.


Conversely, act with little insight and knowledge, and instead, follow what others are doing and tend to ‘get in the game’ after the investors have already been there. Speculators will be last into a burgeoning market and first out of a depressing one – absent good old-fashioned luck, the speculator will quickly see his or her wealth dissipate.

The Anthem Mortgage Group

It can sometimes be difficult to spot the investors in a rising market, but they are quite easy to spot in a downturn – they’re the ones making money. History has shown time and again that investors actually increase their wealth most during times of market despair, while it is the speculator who makes impressive gains during a boom or euphoric period, only to lose it all when the market turns.


Ensure you’re the, not speculator.


Anthem Mortgage Group is a Canadian-based mortgage brokerage with a focus on educating our clients to thrive as investors.


In the current market, all lenders are offering to borrow at all-time low rates – the devil is no longer in the cost but in the details of lending. In an industry rife with mediocrity and subpar advice – often contrary to clients’ best interests – we separate ourselves from the pack by focusing on cost efficiency and offering the best financing for our clients through flexibility and options.


We want your life to be on your terms.

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